Rugs are an essential part of the home décor. They brighten up the room and provide warmth and comfort while walking and sitting on the rug. Skin your toe into our beautiful Rugs. We offer a versatile collection of rugs that are soft and durable. Our Rugs are ideal for entryway, door entrance, or any other area you want to add some decoration. Our rugs come in a wide array of colors and design that surely adds a new dimension to your floor. Os overseas rugs are made with best quality wool and featured with non-slide latex to keep the rug from moving and prevent you from slipping.


  • 4*6 inches
  • 5*8 inches
  • 6*9 inches
  • 8*10 inches
  • 9*12 inches
  • 10*14 inches
  • 12*18 inches
  • 20*20 inches


  • 100% pure wool.
  • Anti-slip backing to give perfect strength.
  • Gentle cleaning.

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